Everything starts with a purpose - What are we here for?


Integral Development Map (IDM)

We created a framework that allows our clients to have a complete, comprehensive and integral perspective of their current developmental stage and to set a purpose-led set of actions to support their journey into their next stage of development.




Our IDM approaches the organization from four simultaneous perspectives:

4 perspectives: Interior-individual (person), interior-collective (culture), exterior-individual (impact), exterior-collective (systems).

27 developmental lines: each line is in itself an indicator of development and the sum of all lines represents the organization’s developmental potential and therefore its effectiveness in giving its gift to the world through fulfilling its purpose.

3 developmental levels: Each line is represented in relation to three developmental levels: dependence, independence and interdependence. Thus, while one line can be mapped at level 1 (dependence) others could be at level 3 (interdependence). The developmental gap is defined by this differences.

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