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Tara Everheart
Partner at Holacracy One, LLC.
Tara Everhart is an organizational consultant with HolacracyOne. Trained in both Conscious Business Coaching and Nonviolent Communication. Tara is one of only two Spanish-speaking Certified Holacracy Coaches in the world. In addition to supporting clients with their Holacracy learning, Tara is co-creator of the Holacracy Forum, an annual peer-to-peer learning lab for Holacracy-practicing organizations.

Ruben Timmerman
Founder of Springest.
Ruben Timmerman is an enthusiastic internet entrepreneur and founder of Springest: the largest learning marketplace in Europe, and a popular learning platform for organisations. Ruben has a background in marketing and is a specialist in the field of User Experience (UX) Design, Online Marketing and learning organisations.

Raúl Romero Havaux
NO-CEO Integralis Consulting Group.
Raul has spent 20 years supporting organizations worldwide embrace next level performance. He has served almost every major industry as a catalyzer working with executive teams to help them align culture to business results with the ability to integrate conventional management practices and business models with on the edge philosophy and stake holder perspective into more effective organizational designs. He is President for the Mexico Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.


The Rules of the Game
Holacracy is a set of rules everyone in the company follows and even “the boss” must follow them.

Holacracy is an “Operating Model”
These rules are captured in the  Holacracy Constitution, and you´ll learn why these clear rules are important. 

Working ON the Team Not Just IN it
You'll learn how Holacracy’s “governance meeting” gives everyone a reliable way to make meaningful organizational change by sensing into and processing their tensions.


The goal of this event is to provide you with a better understanding of how OKRs (Objective and Key Results) may be used in Holacracy in order to enhance focus and alignment across the organization and keep role autonomy.

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Professionals from all industries and organizational sizes who want to acquire cultural transformation tools to empower their work teams and organizations as a whole.


Tara Everhart (Business Partner Holacracy One), will discuss the evolution of organizations from a hierarchical structure to Holacracy-powered organizations.

Ruben Timmerman (Founder Springest), an entrepreneur who transitioned his organization to a self-managed one, will share his experience with us on a live link from Holland.

Rául Romero (Non-CEO Integralis Consulting Group), will facilitate the session and hold conversations with of them.