We are a group of companies focalized in helping organizations resolve business problems by transforming people.


Who are we, and What's our Purpose

We’re a team of business consultants supporting organizations in meeting business challenges through an integral perspective.

We believe that businesses are not only an extraordinary source of value generation, but also that the way people pursues results and the impact the company has on all stakeholders is equally important. If until recently the main business goal was to maximize results, today the world demands that these results are met by integrating stakeholders into a shared higher purpose. And for this to happen, people need to be willing to self-transform and transform the way they run companies, there must be a shared higher purpose.

Our’s is to help people take their companies to the next level.

And by the way... we’ve learned that this journey not only sustains, but significantly improves KPI’s across the board.

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Academic Board

Raj Sisodia

Board Member

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ICG Partners

Raúl Romero Havaux

ICG Founding Partner and CE0

Lucía Ledesma

ICG Founding Partner and Content Director

Rodrigo Bolaños

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Pablo Rascón

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Guillermo Hammerer

ICG Partner, Commercial Director

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Miguel Cruz y Celis Ehlinger

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Managing Partner Argentina

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Project Coordinator

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Solution Consultant

Aurora Aspron

Community Manager

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Marketing Analyst

Valeria Rodriguez

IDA-Marketing Manager

Oscar Garay

Account Manager


Mónica Hidalgo

Associate Consultant

Eduardo Azpiroz

Associate Consultant

Gustavo Guillen

Associate Consultant

Javier Ortiz

Associate Consultant

Juan Luis Viñayo

Associate Consultant

Ricardo Kofman

Associate Consultant

Catalina Alomía

Associate Consultant

Luz Adriana Ahumada

Associate Consultant

Daniel Barrios

Associate Consultant

Hugo Hernández

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Manolo Guevara

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